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“DP” is the compact manual multicouplings series that offer solutions for applications requiring connection and disconnection of several hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic lines in reduced spaces. Up to six lines can be simultaneously connected and disconnected by a safe, simple and quick movement requiring low effort. The lines can all have the same size or each line can be different from the others according to the application.

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Technical characteristics

  • - Interchange

    - Interchange

    Stucchi profile

  • - Valving style

    - Valving style

    Flat Face

  • - Connection system

    - Connection system


  • - Locking mechanism

    - Locking mechanism

    Pin, Cam

  • - Connection Under Pressure

    - Connection Under Pressure

    Allowed with Easy CUP

  • - Material / Treatment

    - Material / Treatment

    Carbon steel, Aluminium, Cr3

  • - Sealing

    - Sealing

    Nitrile NBR

  • - Available threads

    - Available threads

    SAE, DIN

  • - Operating pressure

    - Operating pressure

    up to 350 bar

  • - Flow rate

    - Flow rate

    up to 378 l/min

  • - Temperature

    - Temperature

    -20°C / +100°C

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