quick couplings oil gas

Oil & Gas

In the Oil&Gas sector, the hydraulic circuits must transmit the fluid dynamic power to the machinery required for the exploration, perforation and extraction (upstream), transportation and storage (midstream) of crude oil and natural gas. The upstream sector, where quick couplings are more commonly used, is subject to intense mechanical stress and challenging environmental conditions: on offshore platforms, in particular, salt is a powerful corrosive agent that can quickly erode inadequate components.

Stucchi quick couplings are designed to fulfil all these requirements of the Oil&Gas sector:

  • the use of stainless steel and specific surface treatments combats harsh environmental conditions and ensures component durability;
  • the multi-coupling system allows up to a maximum of ten lines to be rapidly connected and disconnected reducing system downtimes;
  • the operations can be carried out rapidly and safely even in the presence of residual pressure thanks to a specific system of internal valves;
  • the flat face valves allow lines to be connected and disconnected without leaks or contamination, thus ensuring greater safety for operators and protecting the internal components of the circuit.

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