quick couplings vehicles


In the Vehicles sector, safety and durability are the keywords because a malfunction could cause serious injury to staff and damage to property. Heavy vehicles use hydraulic circuits to connect trailers (to the tractor and each other), to steer the wheels and operate suspensions: given the weight of the vehicles and conditions of use, the ability of the couplings to withstand these demanding applications is essential.

Stucchi quick couplings are designed to fulfil all these requirements of the Vehicles sector:

  • our larger models are ideal for use on heavy vehicles and to manage loads, stresses and pressures more easily;
  • the availability of different materials and surface treatments allow management of the medium/high corrosion conditions to which they are subjected on the road, thus prolonging their durability;
  • the design allows the quick connection of trailers, including those with hydraulic systems for specific movements (tippers, mechanical arms, …), increasing productivity and preventing circuit contamination;
  • flat face valves prevent leaks, both during disconnection and when using the circuit, thus guaranteeing maximum safety for operators, road users and the environment;
  • the connection operations can also be carried out under pressure thanks to a specific system of internal valves, without having to resort to longer and more complex procedures which pose a risk for the operator.

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