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The A-FS series is the evolution of the A series with a special front seal that prevents dirt particles from entering the circuit, eliminating the need for a protective cap when the coupling is disconnected.

The flat face valve is also easy to clean and reduces the risk of contamination within the hydraulic circuit. During disconnection, there is minimal fluid spillage, thus reducing fluid dispersion into the environment.

During connection, air inclusion is minimal, and the internal valve design creates minimal pressure loss, maintaining circuit efficiency in the system.

Furthermore, the Zinc Nickel treatment ensures high corrosion resistance.

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Technical characteristics

  • - Interchange

    - Interchange

    ISO 16028

  • - Valving style

    - Valving style

    Flat Face

  • - Connection system

    - Connection system


  • - Locking mechanism

    - Locking mechanism

    Safety lock

  • - Connection Under Pressure

    - Connection Under Pressure

    Not allowed

  • - Material / Treatment

    - Material / Treatment

    Carbon steel, Zn-Ni

  • - Sealing

    - Sealing

    Nitrile NBR

  • - Available threads

    - Available threads


  • - Available sizes

    - Available sizes

    1/2", 5/8"

  • - Operating pressure

    - Operating pressure

    up to 330 bar

  • - Flow rate

    - Flow rate

    up to 150 l/min

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