Thanks to the close collaboration with aeronautic OEMs , Stucchi has developed several series of products that meet the strict and demanding requests for the hydraulic connection of ground equipment.

Technical specifications and options

We can enumerate the following three series of flat face products: A-SK, VEP-SK, VP-SK.


A-SK Series is the evolution of Stucchi technology and quality applied to flat face couplings. The series has an internal design with high resistance material to allow the achievement of higher operating pressure whilst maintaining minimal pressure drop. These features make A-SK Series couplings the leader in this application where high performance is necessary with the elimination of fluid loss and contamination in the circuit.


The VP-SK screw flat face coupling series is the technological solution to demanding hydraulic applications. The screw connection system eliminates premature wear and the “brinelling” caused by a mechanical locking ball system. This makes the VP-SK Series suitable for high operating and impulse pressures. The flat face design is smartly avoiding fluid loss. The safety sleeve integrated in the connection system prevents accidental disconnection making the VP-SK Series ideal for the most extreme operating conditions where strong vibration and torsion issues are present.


The VEP-SK screw flat face coupling series is another example of the continuous improvement of Stucchi products. Designed for heavy duty applications with high operating pressure, high impulse frequency, and mechanical stress. The VEP-SK couplings are manufactured in high resistance carbon steel material treated with special nitriding treatment to increase the wear resistance of the coupling.

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