Hydraulic tools

In the Hydraulic Tools sector, the need to manage high pressures is combined with the need for tool portability: the hydraulic lines that power tools, such as pneumatic hammers must be available for use in any environment and under any conditions, while maintaining the highest degree of performance and safety.

Stucchi quick couplings are designed to fulfil all these requirements of the Hydraulic Tools sector:

  • the compact design and strength of the materials are suitable for all application fields, from Construction to Heavy Industry, from Oil&Gas to the Railway Industry;
  • every time a tool has to be disconnected from the power pack, the operations are carried out safely and quickly, thanks to the valve design that prevents contamination and mechanisms that do not require the use of tools;
  • a specific system of internal valves allows rapid connection, even under pressure, which often happens in hydraulic equipment given that the lines are exposed to the sun.

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