earthmoving coupling

Earth moving

In the Earth Moving sector, the hydraulic circuits must achieve very high operating standards: high power levels, prolonged contact with debris and dust and frequent replacement of tools call for meticulous care in the design of the couplings to ensure maximum operating efficiency, preventing damage to machinery and injury to personnel.

Stucchi quick couplings are designed to fulfil all these requirements of the Earth Moving sector:

  • connection and disconnection of the lines are carried out quickly and safely without having to use tools so the changeover of attachments does not slow down operations;
  • the multi-coupling systems allow multiple lines, up to a maximum of ten, to be connected-disconnected at the same time;
  • the flat face valves prevent circuit contamination during connection and disconnection, allowing equipment to be replaced even in the presence of dust and debris;
  • the materials used make the components durable and resistant to corrosion;
  • a specific system of internal valves allows lines to be connected even when pressurised, so that residual pressure can be managed without having to go through longer, more complex procedures that pose a risk for the operator.

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