In the Agriculture sector, agricultural machinery requires frequent equipment changeovers to be carried out directly on-site. In these conditions, the operations must be carried out quickly and safely to prevent contamination of both the circuit and the soil, which is the most precious resource of this sector.

Stucchi quick couplings are designed to fulfil all these requirements of the Agriculture sector:

  • connection and disconnection of the lines are carried out quickly and without tools to allow numerous equipment changeovers to be managed without negatively impacting productivity;
  • during operations on the lines, the flat-face valves prevent the ingress of dirt and debris, which could damage the circuit, and oil leaks into the environment, keeping the ground free of contamination;
  • A specific system of internal valves allows lines to be connected, even under pressure, so that tools can be connected without having to resort to longer and more hazardous procedures to eliminate residual pressure;
  • the materials and technology used guarantee high strength and durability under all conditions of use.

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