Eutectic systems are mounted on the vehicles used for the transport of frozen and fresh products.

Thanks to its vast experience with vehicle manufacturers, Stucchi is able to propose specific solution for the Eutectic systems: two multicouplings configured with two couplings (pressure and suction) and electrical connector.

Technical specifications and options

The couplings are used to connect the compressor to the vehicle during the charging phase, which typically takes place at night while during the day the vehicle is on the road for the delivery of the products.

The multicoupling has two couplings: one for the inlet line (pressure) and one for the return line (suction) and have the function of circulating the refrigerant gas inside the system. In addition to the refrigerant conduction couplings, there is also the electrical connection which has the function of activating very low voltage signals / instruments (24V max).

Thanks to the multicoupling these three main lines are connected and disconnected simultaneously by a single and quick movement.
The use of the quick coupling allows the compressor to be removed from the van with its weight, therefore it allows to add weight of food product to be delivered or at the same load, to consume less energy.

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