Faccia Piana in Agricoltura

The Revolution of Modern Agriculture

With over six decades of expertise in quick couplings, Stucchi stands out as the right partner for hydraulic quick connection solutions, particularly in the dynamic field of agriculture. Collaborating with global leaders in agriculture machine manufacturing, Stucchi has developed innovative solutions tailored to the exacting demands of this industry.

Stucchi’s dedicated team of engineers prioritizes environmental sustainability by focusing on flat face designs and cutting-edge technologies that minimize fluid spillage into the soil.

The Excellence of Flat Face Couplings

Ensuring a contamination-free environment during hydraulic line connections and disconnections is paramount. Flat face coupling technology emerges as a top-performing solution across various applications, offering compelling advantages that translate into heightened operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and mitigated risks to both the environment and personnel.

The unique design of Stucchi’s flat face valves results in a substantial reduction in fluid spillage, safeguarding both workers and the ecosystem. Furthermore, this system effectively limits the entrance of external substances into the circuit, preventing malfunctions and minimizing downtime. The inherent design of flat face valves also simplifies cleaning procedures, thereby reducing maintenance time, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Stucchi’s Solutions for Agriculture:

  1. Neptune: the first modular solution introducing flat face couplings on the rear of tractors, thanks to a system of cartridges that allow to easily switch between ISO-A and flat face couplings.
  2. APB for Power Beyond: Special Flat Face female couplings designed for tractors with the Power Beyond system, installed at the rear of the tractor (Separate system powered by a variable flow pump that works with a system called Load Sensing, which provides additional hydraulic power to the ordinary circuit).
  3. APM-P Series: An evolution of the Stucchi APM male coupling, specifically engineered to seamlessly connect with Stucchi APB female couplings for the Power Beyond solution on the back of the tractor.
  4. A Series: The modular structure of this flat face series allows the flexibility to offer several types of threads or special ports in order to satisfy diverse applications while maintaining a compact dimension.
  5. A-FS Series: An evolution of the Stucchi A series, with a patented front seal that prevents dirt particles from entering the circuit, eliminating the need for protective caps.
  6. Multicouplings for Agriculture Machines: an ideal solution for applications with multiple hydraulic lines (such as front loaders, telehandlers, trees-shakers), enabling effortless connections and disconnections.
  7. Flat Face/ISO-A Adaptors: it provides an interface connection between ISO-A coupling Poppet with ISO 16028 coupling (flat face), allowing connection of tractor with implements with different valving type.

In essence, Stucchi’s innovative flat face solutions not only elevate operational efficiency but also embody environmental responsibility, setting new standards in the field of modern agriculture machinery.

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