The evolution of the demolition sector and quick couplings

The demolition sector has always been characterised by the need for very hard-wearing machinery: the intensity of the stress which it must withstand and the amount of dust and debris that it comes into contact with require effective and durable engineering solutions that limit the wear and tear of components.

However, over the years, this sector has changed greatly, giving rise to new needs that require new solutions.

While wrecking balls were once the dominant tool in this area, versatile machinery is now needed with mechanical arms and interchangeable accessories that help carry out very different tasks with just one piece of equipment.

The use of these attachments has greatly changed the earth-moving sector in general and, more specifically, the demolition sector, meaning that having a wide range of interchangeable accessories is essential for companies and a factor for lowering costs.

At the same time, awareness has grown towards the environment, introducing new approaches to the disposal and potential recycling of waste; this issue also involves the need to control dust and the release of hazardous agents into the air, such as asbestos.

To support all these changes, which are now standard in the sector, new solutions needed to be introduced for hydraulic circuits, which are the heartbeat of every machine: it only works properly if the fluid is kept at the required pressure.

The introduction of attachments and the need to change them several times in just one day therefore caused a problem, i.e. guaranteeing that the coupling and decoupling of lines could be done quickly but that, at the same time, there were no losses of fluid despite the intense stress of the circuit, which would otherwise block the machinery and become a risk both for the environment and for workers.

These two aspects seem incompatible, but this is not the case.

Stucchi has been operating in the quick coupling sector for over 60 years, offering a constant flow of solutions for all fields of application, including in demolition.

Stucchi’s flat-faced design, used as the benchmark for establishing the standards provided for by standard ISO 16028, offers many benefits thanks to the combination of threading and a flat face for quicker and easier coupling and decoupling, without the need to use any tools, along with an innovative triple valve system that allows a connection with residual pressure.

Ultimately, with Stucchi’s quick couplings, downtime is reduced, increasing operability and making it easier to meet job deadlines, while workplace safety is improved and contamination is prevented, both from the circuit to the outside, preventing the loss of fluid, and from outside to inside, stopping dust and debris from getting into the circuit and damaging the machinery.

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