The advantages of flat-faced quick couplings in farming

There are many activities to be carried out in farming to work the fields: from sowing to harvesting the end product, farmers must dedicate their time and attention to hectares and hectares of land.

Fortunately, modern farming machinery makes this task much easier and part of the credit goes to its versatility.

Just one piece of equipment can be fitted with various tools to carry out specific activities, so just disconnect one and then connect another to move on to the next job.

Many of these tools must be fuelled by hydraulic circuits to be able to operate; so their lines need to be connected to those of the farming machinery.

And this is where problems can arise.

Firstly, when lines are decoupled, hydraulic fluid residues can leak and disperse into the environment: this is a problem in every field of application, but it is even more critical in farming, because the land is its essential resource and this would contaminate it.

For the same reason, once the lines are connected and the machinery is operational, there must not be any oil leaks which, alongside damaging the fields, would reduce the pressure of the fluid and therefore the efficiency of the machinery.

Furthermore, so that switching over attachments is actually a functional and efficient approach to farming work, coupling and decoupling needs to be done quickly, without requiring any complex procedures or the use of special tools.

Finally, agricultural fields are inevitably a source of dust, debris and dirt that can damage the connection between lines and contaminate the inside of the circuit.

Efficient solutions are therefore needed to handle the coupling and decoupling of hydraulic lines in farming.Stucchi has been designing and producing quick coupling solutions for over 60 years for every sector where hydraulic circuits are used, including farming.

In farming, flat-faced quick couplings offer major advantages thanks to the design of the coupling valve and to the other systems implemented by Stucchi to offer maximum efficiency and resistance for the component.

More specifically, a flat-faced valve prevents contamination, both from the circuit to the outside and vice versa: in fact, the shape of the valve minimises contact between these two environments, thus avoiding damage both to the land and the circuit.

Furthermore, flat-faced quick couplings help carry out couplings and decouplings very quickly, with one simple step and without the need for any tools, and at the same time guarantee secure connections when the fluid is under pressure.

To make these operations even quicker, a special valve on certain flat-faced couplings allows the connection under residual pressure, which is often simply generated by the warmth of the sun to which the lines are exposed all day long.

Finally, the materials we use to create quick couplings are chosen for their resistance over time and can withstand various environmental agents.

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