Work efficiently even on snow: quick couplings for snow groomers

In many sectors in which hydraulic lines are used, the components are subject to severe mechanical and environmental stress: suffice it to think of the salt and humidity on an oil platform or the debris and dust for vehicles used in earthmoving.

A significant part of the challenge in designing quick couplings therefore lies in identifying the solutions most suited to preventing drops in performance and duration, regardless of the modes of use.

The more specific the type of application envisaged in the design phase, the greater the compatibility of the quick coupling with the real conditions of use, and therefore the greater its efficacy.

Hence why Stucchi develops specific solutions for machines such as snow groomers.

quick couplings

These vehicles are used to move around on the snow, service ski slopes, and develop structures such as half-pipes, ski parks, and tube parks using specific tools: quick couplings allow their rapid and simple replacement, without any risks to the environment or whiteness of the snow, keeping productivity high.Given the particular field of application, the quick coupling needs to connect the hydraulic lines of the snowcat to those of the grooming equipment in very low temperature conditions, in contact with the snow that it needs to move.

The external temperature is a key factor impacting on the performance of the snow groomer’s hydraulic circuit: the quick couplings therefore need to be efficient even in very harsh temperatures.

Another element to consider is the melted snow deposited on the means, which can therefore wet the components of the system; the use of Stucchi flat face quick couplings prevents the infiltration of external agents (for example, water) which may contaminate or even damage the circuit, while also guaranteeing rapid disconnection.

To make connection and disconnection easier and safer even in the presence of residual pressure, Stucchi proposes special flat face screw couplings for snow groomers.

Another specific characteristic of this application is the special treatment applied to the surface of the coupling, capable of counteracting the relatively corrosive environment (artificial snow, water) in which it operates.

For 60 years, Stucchi has been proposing solutions worldwide for the most diverse range of applications, consistently guaranteeing the highest performance, utmost safety, and total protection of the environment.

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