The Stucchi service: the Support Tools available for customers

Since 1960, Stucchi designs and fabricates solutions for quick couplings that are distributed in the global market: our 60 years of activity allow us to conceive products always more efficient, adaptable to every application context, and to acquire a deep knowledge about oil-hydraulic circuits.

As in any sector, it is necessary to understand that the full potential for the performance of a component can only be accomplished by using it in a correct and wise manner.

For this reason, Stucchi shares with its customers its expertise in the subject, the final result of a multi-decade experience in providing a comprehensive set of instruments that offers the best possible support to their activity: the Stucchi Support Tools.

Among the materials that we can presently offer, those in the video are surely the most accessible and immediately available:

  • in the 3D Video we illustrate the characteristics of the product, so the customer will have a clear overall picture that will guide its decision with respect to the desired field of application;
  • in the Tutorial Video we explain the procedures for the correct use of the coupling, as well as other special functions that allow the practical achievement of the safety and performance levels foreseen in the design phase.

With the same purpose of the Tutorial Video, we also make available detailed documents containing all the Instructions and Warnings.

On the other hand, the information of a more technical nature is provided in the Summary Tables, which present the entire range of the Stucchi options: by comparing the specifications of every product and the options available in each line, the customer will be able to choose the most suitable coupling that fits its requirements and its field of application.

Considering the international distribution of our reference market, the data we provide come together with the measurement unit Conversion Table, which allows access to all information in both the metrical system and the anglo-saxon system.

Always with the objective of providing maximum accessibility to our know-how, we are also offering a Glossary that contains all technical terms used in the description of our products.

Contents even more impressive are now accessible through the previous registration of an account; specifically, the resources requiring authorisation are:

  • Stucchi Interchange: this section indicates the correspondence between the present couplings existing in the market and those proposed by Stucchi, so the customer will be free to choose the best product for a replacement without facing any compatibility problems;
  • Drawings: this section allows the download of 2D drawings and 3D models of the Stucchi couplings, so our customers will have access to a complete set of information and specifications that will help them to design their own equipment, considering the dimensions of the actual components and reaching a perfectly sized final result;
  • E-learning: this section contains on-line learning programmes that offer the official Stucchi training and a better knowledge of all products, their technical characteristics, and the best practices to use them efficiently and safely.

Thanks to all these Support Tools, the customers will be able to make the appropriate decisions and perform their field work taking advantage of the maximum performance of the products.

Find out all ways in which Stucchi guarantees total assistance for the customer: contact us to learn more.

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