How to efficiently manage harvester attachments thanks to quick couplings

Agricultural machinery needs to be highly versatile, considering the large number of varying tasks it needs to perform out on the field. Given these circumstances, the agricultural sector makes extensive use of interchangeable attachments, in order that a single machine can cover multiple tasks by simply replacing the equipment to which it is coupled.

In combine harvesters, for example, different types of detachable tools are used, which guarantee the machine’s versatility thanks to heads for specific types of crops, and which make it easier to move and transport.

Regardless of the selected attachment, its operation will depend on the hydraulic circuits powering the machinery, thus making it necessary to consider the easiest and fastest way of connecting and disconnecting the lines, an operation that often needs to be done several times per day.

The hydraulic quick coupling system therefore needs to guarantee a safe connection, but at the same time allow separation without causing problems while the machine is stopped, and without requiring the use of tools.

It is also important to evaluate the possibility of using couplings that allow connection in the presence of residual pressure, which is when an increase in the ambient temperature causes the oil pressure in the hydraulic circuit to rise.The agricultural sector is also particularly sensitive to the theme of contamination, both inbound (air, dirt, debris, water, …), and outbound: oil leaks can contaminate the soil, which is a farmer’s most important resource. The couplings therefore need to be equipped with sealing systems able to minimise both risks.

There is only one solution to all these needs: Stucchi flat face couplings, able to satisfy all needs of the agricultural sector, and in particular, of combine harvester implements.

The design of the Stucchi flat face valve in fact reduces contact between the internal circuit and external environment to a minimum, during both connection and disconnection, thus protecting them against contamination.

Flat face quick couplings can be connected and disconnected quickly, and without the aid of tools; even in the case of residual pressure, the valves and pressure relief systems designed by Stucchi allow operation to continue without delays.

In the case of multiple lines, as is often the case in combine harvesters, multi-coupling systems are available, which allow the simultaneous coupling and decoupling of all lines with a single gesture, while also eliminating the risk of dangerous crossovers between the lines.

All these factors make it possible to work more efficiently and safely to the benefit of both operators and the environment.

For 60 years, Stucchi has been proposing solutions worldwide for the most diverse range of applications, consistently guaranteeing the highest performance, utmost safety, and total protection of the environment.

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