Stucchi check valves to prevent the return of fluid in hydraulic systems

There are numerous components that allow the hydraulic fluid system to work correctly: thanks to ongoing research and development, as well as expert manufacturing, Stucchi offers solutions to maximise the performance of these systems, thus reducing the costs caused by shut-downs and the risk of injury to staff.

Together with its quick couplings, Stucchi offers other key components for many production sectors, such as the VUZ valves, part of the range of check (or one-way) valves.

Check valves play a very important part in a hydraulic fluid system: they prevent the flow from inverting and maintain its movement in one direction.

The mechanical elements of this component react to the pressure of the fluid. Thanks to careful calibration, the valve remains closed in conditions which cause a backflow (low pressure or negative pressure), and opening correctly in response to the thrust from the pump, letting pass the oil which is moving in the right direction.

Generally speaking, check valves are used in vertically structured circuits where the fluid is forced to flow against the force of gravity. In this situation, it is inevitable that when the pump stops working, the oil still in the pipes starts to move in the opposite direction to its normal flow.

The check valve intervenes to prevent the circuit from emptying and thus preventing damage to the system components.

Versions of the one-way valves with perforated disc are available which, based on the manufacturing and design requirements, allow a specific and calibrated amount of fluid to pass in the opposite direction to the opening of the check valve.

It is, therefore, important to carefully assess the characteristics of each individual system to identify the best solution in terms of costs and benefits.

The VUZ series is also available in the VU phosphate-coated version to facilitate paint adhesion.

Thanks to sixty years of experience, with its VUZ series, Stucchi offers high levels of safety and performance and the maximum level of customisation with different options for:

  • thread
  • dimension
  • surface treatment
  • opening pressure
  • perforated disc

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