Quick coupling solutions for Skid Steer

Skid Steer is an extremely versatile machine: a central body, in which the operator’s cabin and the engine are located, it is equipped with four drive wheels that are laterally synchronised (i.e. the right ones can move while the left ones remain stationary) and a pair of mechanical arms, which can be connected to different equipment.

Thanks to the reduced size of the vehicle, its unique movement capabilities and its compatibility with a wide range of instruments, Skid Steer is used in a great deal of sectors, significantly contributing to the performance of both ordinary and extraordinary activities: in earth moving, where a larger vehicle isn’t able to manoeuvre, Skid Steer intervenes equipped with a bucket or front loader; in case of heavy snowfall, Skid Steer operates on the narrowest roads like a snow plough; the trenchers, on the other hand, make it possible to dig ditches, useful for laying cables and pipes.

In short, Skid Steer can perform many roles and a single vehicle can be used in many different ways, even in a single day’s work: it is therefore important to be able to change its equipment quickly and safely, in order to keep productivity high.

Stucchi’s quick couplings are designed for this purpose, thanks to a system of flat-faced valves that allow the fast connection and disconnection of the line without having to use tools and without the risk of contamination of the circuit or environment.

Saturn 5 couplings

However, so that they can be used by Skid Steer, the quick couplings must meet another requirement, namely, compatibility with the high-flow hydraulic lines used by the machine: the coupling must therefore be designed to reduce the drop in pressure at the points of connection.

Stucchi therefore uses quick couplings without an inner valve to avoid narrowing in the circuit and to support a flow that can reach up to 200 litres per minute.

More and more machines are using multi-function tools that require high flows, and to meet this need, Stucchi has integrated the High Flow version into its range. The new Saturn HF block has 5 built-in hydraulic lines that keep the exhaust system independent from the pressure. The dedicated Saturn system has been designed and developed in close collaboration between Stucchi and major companies operating in the sector of earth movement.

Thanks to its residual pressure exhaust system, two hydraulic lines can be connected and disconnected, even in the presence of residual pressures.

The patented design ensures maximum resistance, reducing the risk of injury and malfunction and minimal loss of load, avoiding energy waste along the circuit; its characteristics of modularity and flexibility make it possible to accommodate even 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 size couplings, thus offering the best solution for the needs of modern operating machines.

With Saturn and the other flat-faced quick couplings, Steer Skids keep their top performance even in the difficult conditions in which they normally operate: the materials and the treatments used allow them to withstand moisture, extreme temperatures, residues, ice and snow, while innovative configurations counteract the brinelling effect and other forms of wear.

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