How to manage hydraulic lines when piling

The term ‘earthmoving’ encompasses myriad activities that are often very different from one other. All that is required is a mental snapshot to be aware of the variety of machinery and tools that are required on a building site, which often facilitate very complex engineering procedures to be carried out.

Despite all the differences, there are also a number of aspects that can be found in common – components are subject to intense mechanical stresses and must withstand the action of dust and debris, while hydraulic circuits can generate residual pressures that may slow down connection and disconnection procedures.

One of the tasks carried out in the area of earthmoving is piling. This enables the foundations of a building or structure to be built, even at sea. Operations include a vertical excavation phase, followed by the installation of a reinforcement cage that is then filled with concrete, or the direct insertion of a complete pile.

The machinery used for pile driving consists of a number of pieces of equipment that must be connected to the power pack and/or the machine – supply assemblies, impact hammers, vibratory hammers, clamps, resonators and presses enable the force required to drive the pile using a variety of applied stresses.

This link between the parts of the hydraulic circuit must be safe and prevent damage or contamination caused by dust or debris. Moreover, when lines need to be disconnected for tool replacement, maintenance or transportation, procedures must be carried out in complete safety for operators and in a rapid manner to ensure optimal operational efficiency on site.

Stucchi quick couplings provide a solution to all these requirements.With over 60 years of experience on the international market, these products meet the specific needs of a wide range of very different applications, which even involves close cooperation with companies in the sector to pool their know-how.

In view of the specific, diverse requirements in the earthmoving sector in particular, Stucchi provides a wide range of quick couplings that are also compatible with piling machinery.

Flat-face screw couplings prove to be the most suitable to meet piling requirements, guaranteeing safety, operability and environmental protection. To eliminate the problem of residual pressure and brinelling due to high impulse stresses, the VEP-HD and VP-P lines may be used to further improve productivity.

For over 60 years, Stucchi has been providing a continuous flow of solutions for all requirements and sectors where couplings and pressure circuits are in use – contact us right away for more information.

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