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High Pressure

In the High Pressure sector, numerous roadside assistance tools are used, such as shears, jacks and retractors, which require high pressure and frequent connection and disconnection of the lines: in this field of application, the speed of operations can make the difference between life and the death.

Stucchi quick couplings are designed to fulfil all these requirements of the High Pressure sector:

  • connection and disconnection operations are carried out quickly without the use of tools and under conditions of residual pressure, allowing for faster interventions in critical situations;
  • the closing mechanisms keep the connection secure despite the strong physical stresses and environmental factors, ensuring safety and performance when using the equipment;
  • their characteristics allow pressures to be managed of up to 700 bar under all conditions of use, withstanding external temperatures, torsion and debris;
  • the compact design facilitates the transportation of tools and their use in any area.

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