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Stucchi quick couplings for the ceramics industry and isostatic moulding

Isostatic moulding creates products in different shapes and sizes through compression in moulds.

The versatility of this technique means it can be applied in different sectors, but regardless of the object being produced, pressure remains a fundamental aspect for a successful production process. The product can only achieve the desired characteristics if high pressures are managed safely and efficiently.

In the ceramics industry, isostatic moulding presses are used to produce tiles and ceramic slabs and require hydraulic fluid circuits to generate the necessary power to reach the pressures required. More specifically, the oil, on average, reaches a pressure between 300 and 350 bar, but to obtain porcelain stoneware much higher values are required, up to 700 bar.

Since the industry needs to produce products with different finishes, it must be easy to remove and swap the moulds. This flexibility is also useful in facilitating the maintenance of the moulds in question, without shutting down the rest of the machinery.

Given these requirements, quick couplings must be integrated into the circuit allowing rapid and safe coupling and uncoupling of the isostatic mould from the hydraulic unit.

The couplings are usually mounted directly on the mould from one side and the flexible hose on the other, or both the male and female coupling on the flexible hose.

The solution best suited to the demands of this sector are Stucchi flat face quick couplings which allow the male and female connections to be coupled and uncoupled quickly without the need for tools while also preventing leaks during operation.

The flat face design also makes it possible to avoid the oil from leaking during the uncoupling operation, thus preventing it from being dispersed in the environment and keeping the workplace healthy and safe.

For production processes where high pressures are required, the A-HP lines, designed specifically to manage pressures up to 700 bar, are available.

For over sixty years, Stucchi has produced quick couplings for the international market, serving a wide variety of sectors and applications whilst constantly satisfying the needs and standards of each one of them.

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