How do you choose multi-connection plates? Use the Stucchi configurator

Multi-connection plates are a precious tool when working with machinery that needs to be connected with various lines, often also with different functions and types (hydraulic or electric): thanks to a mechanical lever, you can connect and disconnect all lines in just one step, thus saving time and effort and working in complete safety.

This might seem like a small advantage, but with machines that could require up to 10 lines to operate and various connections and disconnections, at the end of the working day, you could save a considerable amount of time, eliminating the chance of accidents that might occur when carrying out these steps by hand and producing an overall major increase in productivity.

The use of Stucchi multi-connections also guarantees the possibility of connecting lines even under residual pressure, while also being cleaner and more environmentally-friendly, thanks to the use of flat-faced valves that minimise the loss of fluids during disconnection.

However, not all machines have the same line configuration, so there is not one universal solution if you need multi-connection plates.

This is why Stucchi, thanks to over 60 years of experience in the quick couplings sector, offers various series of multi-connection plates to meet its customers’ needs, along with the possibility of creating ad hoc configurations for customers with more specific requirements.

But how do you identify the right solution for your needs?

To offer a solution in this respect too, Stucchi has developed a configurator available on its website that offers an intuitive, immediate tool to find the right multi-connection plate for your needs.

The configurator only requires a few simple steps:

  • Identify the number of lines, distinguishing between hydraulic and electric ones;
  • Select the size of the lines or the flow rate required;
  • Choose the type of thread;

Based on this information, the configurator will identify one or several plates that can meet the customer’s needs and, if necessary, offer the possibility of requesting an ad hoc quote.

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