Multicouplings: manage complexity with an efficient solution

Quick couplings offer many performance advantages in areas where hydraulic lines need to be frequently connected and disconnected, but the most striking characteristic of all is the speed with which these operations take place.

Thanks to the structure of the valves, levers and locking mechanisms, the circuit can be connected with great ease and without the need to use tools; with the same simplicity one can separate fixed multiconnections from mobile ones, while ensuring the perfect operation of the hydraulic system without the risk of pressure drops or fluid loss.

In systems with multiple lines one risks losing this advantage because the repetition of the operation, however rapid in itself, still takes time; in addition, one must be careful to couple the lines correctly so that they do not cross the circuits, making the process even longer.

This situation, however, can be solved with a system called multicoupling: basically, a fixed plate accommodates all the males of the circuit, while a mobile plate is used for the females; a mechanical lever brings the two plates together so that all the lines can be connected or disconnected simultaneously with one simple gesture, obtaining the maximum speed of execution with little effort.

Since 1960, Stucchi has been designing and implementing quick couplings, always meeting the needs of the most diverse sectors: our innovations allow us to offer the best performing solutions for the hydraulic circuits, to the point that the design of our flat-face couplings has become the reference model for the ISO 16028 standard.

Custom Coupler Solution
Our multicouplings offer, in addition to the connecting and disconnecting systems of the quick couplings, an additional mechanism that locks the plates, maintaining a tight and secure connection, preventing the brinelling effect and the resulting accelerated wear of the parts.

The Stucchi multicouplings make it possible to perform connecting and disconnecting even in the presence of residual pressure in the circuit; they can also include an electrical connector that sends a low voltage signal to solenoid valves and sensors.

The multiple coupling system is extensively configurable to perfectly adapt to our customers’ needs:

  • Types of multicouplings: the DP series accommodates up to 6 lines and has a very compact design made of aluminium with special treatments; the GR series allows one to connect and disconnect up to 10 lines with brass plates having Zinc-Nickel treatment;
  • Configuration of the multicouplings: depending on the size of the lines and their placement, the most suitable configuration will be set up and the resistance will be tested;
  • Setup of the line: the type and size of the port will vary depending on the circuit’s context of use, with the documentation provided by Stucchi illustrating the technical specifications to make the most suitable choice.

The individual quick couplings can be easily assembled and disassembled from the plates thanks to threaded ring nuts or seeger rings: this allows one to mount them on new equipment or to retrofit existing machinery.

Stucchi offers the optimal solution for connecting multiple lines at the same time with a product always responding to the customers’ needs and expectations: find out more by contacting us.

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