Flat-face valve coupling technology – benefits and applications

Hydraulic circuits are to be found in a variety of sectors where they are subject to very different stresses and conditions, such as temperature, pressure, atmospheric agents, salt, dust and debris.

Despite these differences, hydraulic circuits share the same requirements – they must have a safe and efficient line-coupling system that is able to withstand the stresses placed on it without leaking.

When lines are coupled or decoupled, there can be no contamination from inside the circuit to the outside environment (oil leaks that may pollute the surrounding terrain and make the workplace more hazardous) or vice versa, from the outside environment to inside the circuit (water, air, dust or debris that may damage the components of the circuit and the machinery connected to it).

In addition, in sectors where connection or disconnection operations are carried out several times a day, such as earthmoving, they must be carried out rapidly, preferably without the use of any additional tools that may hinder operations and increase risks to operators.

To meet all these requirements, flat-face coupling technology is among the best performing in most application areas, providing significant benefits that translate into greater operational efficiency, less wasted time and fewer risks, both in terms of the environment and personnel.

The special design of the flat-face valve and the mechanism that allows connection and disconnection of the male and female sections gives rise to a reduction in fluid spillage to the outside, protecting both workers and the environment.

The same system limits entry of external substances into the circuit, preventing malfunctions and reducing wear.

Flat-face valves are also easier to clean, reducing the time required for maintenance and providing greater efficiency in the area of application.

In the course of over 60 years, Stucchi has managed to continually improve its design of flat-face quick couplings, enhancing all the benefits of the components and integrating innovative solutions that are now in use worldwide.

Our flat-face quick couplings are compatible with the ISO 16028 standard such that equipment or machines that are already equipped with flat-face couplings can be used. They also include a high degree of configuration flexibility, and are able to meet all requirements in terms of customisation.

Our wide range of lines allows us to provide the best solution for specific needs in all sectors:

    • A and FIRG are the most broad, ranging from industry to earthmoving;
    • APM allows connection using residual pressure, which is particularly important in earthmoving;
    • VEP-P, VEP-HD and VP-P are used for the most demanding applications (vibrations, impulses) owing to the inclusion of a screw lock and the option of a pressure connection
    • AX and FL are made of stainless steel for use in corrosive environments and applications, such as seawater on extraction platforms.

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