Legal notes

Stucchi S.p.A.

Headquarter & Registered office
Via della lira italiana, 397
24040 Pagazzano (BG) Italy

NRI Bergamo/Reg. Imprese/Cod. fiscale/P.IVA: 00724900162
VAT Nr: IT 00724900162
Share Cap. 6.000.000,00 euro i.v.


The official Stucchi S.p.A. website is an online information portal that provides updates on main Stucchi products.
The site and its sub-sites also offer an overview of Stucchi’s promotional and commercial activities, services and events.
The Service comprises the access to private content only to authorized and registered users.


Stucchi website was created by complying with the laws about publication of online content.
By visiting and viewing the pages users accept the following terms and conditions:
All information on this website, inserted and updated by Stucchi S.p.A. are only for information purposes.
Stucchi S.p.A. is not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by improper use of the information contained on this website.
Stucchi S.p.A. may modify, update or close this website at any time without notice.
For statistical purposes Stucchi S.p.A. reserves the right to analyze the flow of visitors retrieving users information about positioning through cookies and IP addresses.


All Content on the site (photos, graphics, tables, slogans, drawings and any other graphic or textual element) is protected by copyright and industrial property laws.
Anyunauthorized removal or re-use of material on the site is prohibited, in the same way as any other activity that could harm the legitimate interests of the authors or owners of the copyrighted works.
The site and its content cannot be used for any unauthorized direct or indirect commercial purpose.
Details of the owner and the intellectual property rights must always be mentioned and left intact without any modification to the content.
No part of the site Content may be copied and/or reproduced without the express authorization of Stucchi S.p.A.
The pages of Stucchi website may also contain marks, domain names, company name and signs owned by third parties with whom Stucchi has dealings, who enjoy the same level of legal protection as that of the distinctive marks of Stucchi.

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