The importance of correct installation of Stucchi products

For over 60 years, Stucchi has been proposing quick coupling solutions used in key production sectors worldwide.

Choosing Stucchi not only means buying high-quality products resulting from decades of research and development on design and materials, but also enjoying complete assistance for their correct use.

In fact, even if the quick coupling meets the highest standards of quality and safety, these are of no use unless the coupling is properly installed and serviced over time: hence why Stucchi shares its know-how with its clients through various Support Tools.

These online materials contain precious information on everything there is to know about quick couplings, including the instructions and warnings applicable to all Stucchi product lines.

In regard to the specifications of single products, a dedicated manual is available or else a QR Code to digitally download a copy of the instructions.flat-face

Moreover, there are various general recommendations to guarantee the correct assembly of the quick coupling, and therefore its performance and duration, in accordance with that indicated in the technical data sheet.We can list a few of these recommendations here by way of example:

Firstly, it is useful to check that the description of the product reported on the received component corresponds to that requested, thus avoiding any incorrect installation due to delivery mishaps, immediately requesting its replacement.

The flexible hose should have the same dimensions as the quick coupling body, and once connected, it should be long enough and flexible enough to allow all movements of the machine to which the hydraulic circuit is connected: the manufacturers of the hose provide all indications on how to verify the above.

The assembled hose should not transmit radial or even axial loads: these may cause problems with alignment (which interfere with coupling and decoupling operations) and subject the quick coupling to unexpected overloads.

The quick coupling must be situated in a position that is easy to reach for connection and disconnection operations, but at the same time protected against potential collisions during use of the machine.

It is therefore essential to carefully follow the installation procedures and perform regular maintenance; the indications can be found in the section “Instructions and Warnings” on the Stucchi website, and also in the product catalogue

Thanks to the Stucchi Support Tools and these indications, it is possible to obtain the best performance and duration of the quick couplings.

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