Stucchi’s solutions for the demolition sector

Stucchi’s solutions for the demolition sector

The construction sector poses complex challenges that require versatile and durable technological solutions that can meet two sides which could not be more opposite: the construction and demolition of buildings.

In both cases, the machinery used must withstand intense stress and testing conditions of use, but the forces at play in the demolition of buildings mean that the speed of wear and tear is significantly greater than other applications.

In fact, just a few days of continuous hammering and changes of attachments can cause premature wear and tear to the hydraulic couplings that help fuel the machine’s hydraulic circuits and allow it to operate.

It is therefore obvious that without couplings designed for this sector, you will quickly be affected by malfunctions, drops in efficiency, hazardous losses of fluid for the environment and for workers and, ultimately, financial losses as the direct consequence of a drop in operations, workplace accidents and the purchase of new components.

You also need to take into account that a wide variety of attachments are used on individual machines to carry out all the work involved with demolishing buildings and this means frequent coupling and decoupling of hydraulic lines, including under residual pressure.

Without adequate couplings, this work requires time that increases based on the variety of attachments and machinery used, ranging from heavy breakers to skid steers: throughout a working day, this downtime accumulates up to the point where it has a significant impact on productivity.

The possibility of coupling and decoupling lines quickly is therefore essential to achieve productivity targets, just as it is important to have versatile equipment available that is compatible with all the necessary attachments.

At the same time, quick couplings must guarantee that the circuit is hermetically sealed without any leaks when subject to high mechanical stress such as continuous hitting, twisting and pushing.

With the right equipment and correct maintenance of the auxiliary hydraulic system, demolition companies can reap many advantages, including:


  • Less time spent on-site;
  • Reduced costs;
  • Greater safety;
  • Greater recycling efforts;
  • Greater productivity;
  • Better profitability.

Stucchi’s hydraulic quick couplings help couple and decouple lines quickly, even under residual pressure; this also means that workers spend less time outside their cabin and in contact with heavy equipment at high pressure, minimising any risks to their safety.

Our heavy application models are designed to withstand the high levels of stress they are subject to in the demolition sector, reducing equipment costs and the risks of machinery blockages that might extend the work beyond the expected deadline.

Stucchi’s auxiliary hydraulic quick couplings are also designed to be compatible with the wide range of attachments used in this sector and to prevent contamination of the circuit and the environment.

Stucchi therefore offers its customers many auxiliary hydraulic quick coupling solutions for heavy applications and multi-coupling plates, such as the VEPHDL line, the GR and DP series of plates, as well as skid steer couplings. Contact us now for further information.


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