Multicouplings Provide Safe and Efficient Use of Drills and Excavators

Operators of drilling, excavating and earth moving machinery require high performance, efficient equipment which provides safety to workers. These two objectives are linked together as maintaining your equipment for efficient performance also prevents malfunctions and harmful accidents. In industry sectors such as Earth moving and Oil and Gas, safety takes precedence over quickness, which can lead to inefficient operations where multiple hydraulic lines are used.

Industry leaders are continually searching for ways to improve the efficiency of quick connect and disconnect applications where multiple hydraulic lines are utilized, while maintaining stringent safety standards. Safe and efficient operations are mandatory in Earth moving or Oil and Gas operations where drills and excavators require quick change of attachments and auxiliary equipment. How can we improve the efficiency of quick connect and disconnect operations of multiple lines while maintaining safety standards?

Multicoupling systems provide hydraulic solutions where multiple lines are used with easy quick connect and disconnect of multiple lines at once.

Quick Connect and Disconnect Multiple Lines at Once

Multicoupling plates allow for the quick connect and disconnect of multiple lines with one simple, single movement.  Multicoupling systems provide many benefits which include:

  • Easily quick connect male to female couplers in applications with high resistance with leak-free connections
  • Multi-couplers with locking systems prevent unwanted disconnection and improve total safety
  • Advanced technical design provides quick and easy connection or disconnection of multiple lines with one simple movement

Multicoupling experts at Stucchi have designed multi-coupler plates and solutions which include cam mechanisms, flat face valves and special seals to improve quick connect processes.  Advanced design and engineering provide leak free quick connect solutions to many applications which prevent contamination and are easy to clean and maintain. Multicoupling systems are proven to deliver these advantages and many others which improve safety and efficiency.

Multi-coupler plates quick connect multiple lines at once by utilizing a fixed plate with a mobile plate, eliminating crossing of lines.  Easily quick connect and disconnect many lines at once even in processes with trapped or residual pressure. Multicoupling systems provide significant advantages to many Earth moving and Oil and Gas applications, improving safety, efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Stucchi Provides Multicoupling Solutions

Stucchi S.p.A. has been providing innovative hydraulic solutions which improve safety and efficiency since 1960. Many industry sectors including Earth moving and Oil and Gas applications benefit from multicoupling systems which quick connect or disconnect up to 10 lines at once or large diameter lines with ease.  Avoid quick connect mistakes and prevent leakage during disconnection with Stucchi flat face couplings and multicoupling systems.

Stucchi offers quick connect solutions for hydraulic and electric lines when inserting electric lines for the transmission of electrical energy to the tool. Multi-coupler plates have features to facilitate easy installation and replacement. A lever system allows to quick connect or disconnect multiple lines under pressure with better load distribution to decrease physical effort of the lever. Compact solutions are available for challenging configurations.

Stucchi offers quick connect hydraulic solutions with a wide selection of products and custom designed solutions available.

Contact us to learn how to improve safety and efficiency to your quick connect process with multicoupling systems.

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