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ISO 16028: the Flat Face couplings international standard

The ISO is an international non-governmental standard-setting body that champions innovation and provides solutions for global challenges.

There are 164 national member bodies of the ISO, including the Italian UNI which develops, publishes and promotes specifications to improve the effectiveness of socio-economic systems by championing competition, consumer and environmental protection, and product quality, services, processes and professionals.

What are international standards and why are they so important?

International standards identify the specifications for products, services and systems in order to guarantee their quality, safety and effectiveness.

Exchange between countries can be facilitated more easily because standardisation transcends individual national regulations and, therefore, guarantees that the purchase has characteristics that are recognised and validated all over the world.

The ISO has published 22,813 international standards since 1947 covering all sectors. They are drafted by technical committees and adopted after rigorous evaluation and approval processes, which generally take 3 years.

International standards are the result of the experience and knowledge of the world’s leading experts in their respective sectors. Solutions are thus established that can improve the safety, reliability and quality of all activities that are carried out daily all over the world.

ISO international standards are strategic tools for businesses which reduce costs by minimising waste and errors, and increase productivity.

There are four fundamental principles in defining international ISO standards:

  1. They must respond to a market need, often communicated by the companies themselves;
  2. All aspects must be handled by experts that are recognised worldwide;
  3. They must be developed using a process that involves more stakeholders, not only technical roles in the sector, but also consumer associations, NGOs, academies and governments;
  4. All actors involved must reach an agreement and be approved only with their complete consent.

ISO 16028 refers to flat face quick couplings and specifically defines the dimensions of the connection/disconnection parts and the performance levels required for operation in fluid dynamic circuits with nominal pressures between 200 bar and 315 bar.

This international standard was developed based on dimensions of flat face quick couplings designed by Stucchi.

With 60 years of experience in the sector, Stucchi has been able to identify the needs of the market and provide the most optimal solution to meet them.

Rapid and safe connection/disconnection, protection from contamination and durability over time in a variety of operating conditions. Stucchi quick couplings with these features have proved themselves time and again to be up to international standards.

Today, they represent the standard of reference all over the world for hydraulic circuits in earthmoving, Oil & Gas, industry, agriculture and transportation.

To enhance your productivity, choose the best, choose ISO 16028, choose Stucchi. Find out more by contacting us.


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