Why it is essential to correctly choose and use Stucchi couplings

Stucchi quick couplings are the culmination of 60 years of skills and expertise to offer companies worldwide high-performing components for a safer, more environmentally sustainable, and efficient work environment.

The performance levels offered by Stucchi quick couplings reduce the wait times during operations in the field, provided they are correctly installed and all indications regarding their use and maintenance are followed.

In fact, even though Stucchi quick couplings are specifically designed and developed to withstand strong stresses and severe environmental conditions, their misuse or lack of maintenance will compromise their characteristics, exposing operators and systems to the risk of malfunction, loss, and damage to property and persons.

Hence why it is important to be familiar with the correct routine and special maintenance procedures, to ensure optimal performance.

To explain these concepts, we provide two examples of how incorrect use can damage the product over time.

If the selected quick coupling is not made with materials and treatments suited to the environment of use, or if maintenance is neglected, corrosion phenomena may be observed on certain components; in a very short time, this can lead to problems with connection and disconnection operations due to damaged mobile or sliding parts, and eventually even fluid leaks.

If, on the other hand, the quick coupling is subjected to pressure pulses that do not comply with the product’s performance, this may lead to premature wear of the components (gaskets, valves, etc.), causing unexpected leaks or malfunctions.

To avoid these and other types of problems, it is therefore essential to select the product most suited to the specific needs, carefully following the installation procedures and performing regular maintenance; the indications can be found in the section “Instructions and Warnings” on the Stucchi website, and also in the product catalogue.

To help your customers ensure the continued performance of their quick couplings, Stucchi also provides, in addition to the indications supplied with the product, online Support Tools, and our technicians and salespeople are available to respond to any questions or needs.

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