The advantages of stainless steel for Oil&Gas applications

Designing quick couplings means evaluating all the possible options for the individual components and understanding how they will interact with each other once assembled, making it possible to provide an efficient and durable product.

For 60 years, Stucchi has been adopting this meticulous approach to create quick couplings suitable for the real needs of the market: in this way, we have been able to create the system with flat-face valves used for the international standard ISO 16028, whose design ensures optimal performance in the hydraulic circuits as well as preventing both circuit contamination and leakage during disconnection.

This important milestone, however, does not stop our desire to always offer new value for our customers: by addressing very different sectors, each time we must identify their specific needs and potential critical issues, so that we can implement the correct measures and ad hoc solutions.

In Oil&Gas, for example, all machines are subjected to intense mechanical stress and special environmental conditions, which risk accelerating the wear of the components if they are not taken into account during planning.

Inadequate quick coupling can cause serious problems: if it fails to maintain the right pressure, the machine has to waste more energy in order to function; if foreign bodies enter the circuit, they can damage the machine from the inside; if the component is broken, it can cause slowdowns (if not complete stops) in the operation until it has been replaced.

It is therefore essential that the quick coupling is efficient and durable.

In the Oil&Gas sector, the choice of material to counter corrosion plays a key role: among those performing in extreme conditions, we find stainless steel, an alloy used in many industrial applications because it is reliable and resistant.

Standard couplings, poppet valve

Not all stainless steels are the same though: there are different variations in the alloy composition and in the treatments, such as AISI 316L, so that the end product can always reach new levels of performance and respond to the ever-changing needs of Oil&Gas, a sector that is aiming at exploring new areas with increasingly peculiar and prohibitive environmental conditions.

Stucchi offers a wide range of quick couplings in stainless steel that undergo severe testing in a variety of environmental and use conditions, so as to present a product that eliminates:

  • downtime caused by component maintenance or replacement;
  • contamination of both the circuit and its surroundings.

These solutions make it possible not only to replace the components, but also to refurbish the entire existing equipment fleet: the couplings with various treatments are available with sizes ranging from 3/8” to 2”, JIC, DIN, SAE, ORFS and BSP connection options, for operating pressures up to 5000 psi, so as to be compatible with the widest range of machinery possible.

For 60 years, Stucchi has been offering the right solution for every environmental condition, even the most extreme: find out more by contacting us.

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