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The handling of materials and equipment on a work site is one of the many cogs that ensures operations are carried out efficiently and safely, with no time wasted and the production of high-quality results.

This can be carried out by using minidumpers – small vehicles that are more agile and manoeuvrable than bulldozers or mechanical booms, allowing easy mobility around the site, which is mostly crowded with workers, vehicles, pits or ditches.

Despite their small size, minidumpers include the option of using different types of equipment to carry out their tasks, which makes them exceptional in their versatility. For this reason, they require an efficient system to couple and uncouple hydraulic lines.

For over 60 years, Stucchi has been providing high-tech solutions to meet all quick-coupling requirements in multi-sector and international settings, from earthmoving to agriculture, from Oil&Gas to transportation, and from industry to cooling systems.

Collaboration with key company players in each of these sectors allows Stucchi to comprehend real operational requirements and thus design quick couplings to carry out the necessary work safely, rapidly and efficiently, with no time wasted or any additional collateral costs, all the while safeguarding the health and safety of persons and the environment.

Our approach is to respond to needs not only in specific areas of application, but also for specific machines, having acquired a detailed understanding of their features to provide custom-made solutions.

quick couplingsOne of the strengths of minidumpers is their small size, so limited space dictates very compact quick coupling designs to allow coupling and uncoupling of lines, such as our APM series or, in the case of multi-couplings, DP models with a non-protruding lever system.

Given the area of application, quick couplings must be very resilient, allowing them to be used when in contact with dust or debris. This factor also requires them to be equipped with systems, such as flat-face valves, which allow connection with no risk of contamination.

Flat-face valves also minimise or indeed eliminate oil leakage, for greater workplace safety and respect for the environment.

The option of connecting and disconnecting lines when there is residual pressure will also result in significant time savings, since under operating conditions this issue occurs frequently and time-consuming unloading procedures are avoided.

For over 60 years, Stucchi has been providing a continuous flow of solutions for all requirements and sectors where couplings and pressure circuits are in use – contact us right away for more information.

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