Stucchi Academy: how to know everything about quick couplings

Stucchi has been designing and producing quick couplings since 1960 used in hydraulic circuits, safe in the knowledge that a strong commitment to researching into new technologies and materials leads to a significant, major increase in productivity and safety for our customers.

However, the performance capacities of quick couplings are only one side of the coin because, just like any other tool, they must be accompanied by adequate technical knowledge so you can get the best use out of them.

This is why Stucchi pays great attention not just to developing and producing quick couplings, but also to educating and training customers about these products, using support tools that are constantly updated with the latest new features.

And from today it is even easier to access this expertise thanks to Stucchi’s new eLearning platform, Stucchi Academy.

Stucchi Academy organises Stucchi’s extensive collection of information and technical material into easy courses to follow that are constantly updated with new content and in-depth technical analysis.

The training is divided into two modules, Basic and Advanced, which in turn contain various chapters to learn all the details about:

  • the functions of quick couplings in a hydraulic circuit and the types;
  • the applications where quick couplings are used;
  • the ball locking system;
  • the process of making a pressure connection;
  • the best materials and treatments for every user environment;
  • the connections;
  • the Stucchi products offered;
  • the characteristics and uses of multicouplings;
  • user safety for quick couplings;
  • the steps for correct installation;
  • maintenance recommendations;

Just register at the Stucchi Academy platform to get all this! Discover all the ways in which Stucchi guarantees complete customer support: contact us for more information.

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