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Quick couplings in transportation – benefits for special trailers

Quick couplings are used in a variety of sectors where they often have to withstand intense stress without leaking or malfunctioning – this would not only cause a significant reduction in uptime, but also pose hazards to the environment and the safety of people and property.

These observations are particularly true of the transportation sector, where quick-release couplings are used in hydraulic circuits connected to trailers – any malfunction on the line may make the vehicle unmanageable and lead to accidents.

The quick couplings meet the needs of both the macro-categories into which the haulage industry is divided, namely:

  • “Road” trailers coupled to a street-legal, motorised vehicle with a number plate for use on urban roads and motorways, which allow exceptional loads to be transported over long distances. In these cases, quick couplings allow connection between power pack and trailer;
  • “SPMT” trailers (Self Propelled Motor Trailer) used in limited and usually private areas (such as building sites or factories), as they are long vehicles equipped with several pairs of wheels that are required to be able to handle heavy and bulky loads. In these cases, quick couplings allow connection between several trailer units.

Hydraulic lines are used to handle the hydraulic suspension of the bed and steer the wheels, so the quick couplings are secured along the trailer itself, protecting them as far as possible from impact and dirt, and taking care of the radial loads generated by the pipes. Alternatively, they can be used on the control/drive and drainage lines.

Regardless of their application, quick couplings will come into contact with conditions of medium-to-high corrosion and wear and, therefore, need to be manufactured using suitable materials and treatments.

The two macro-categories of trailer differ in the requirements that quick couplings are required to meet and the critical criteria they have to overcome, with the distinct risks of malfunction and consequences that are involved in each case – it is, therefore, crucial to carry out a careful deployment scenario and risk analysis.

For over 60 years, Stucchi has been providing a continuous flow of solutions for all sectors that use hydraulic circuits, including the transportation sector, by making its extensive know-how available to all.

Stucchi quick couplings, specifically GR multi-couplings and the VR and VEP-HD series, permit even greater degrees of safety and environmental protection by eliminating oil leaks during the disconnection phase, in addition to uptimes by reducing trailer connection and disconnection procedures.

The special GR6 6A-2EC V01 is specifically developed and designed for truck trailer application.

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