Quick couplings for A/C charging in cars

Quick couplings are not only used in hydraulic circuits – several series are compatible with other types of fluids, such as water- and glycol-based fluids, and a number have been designed specifically for non-oil applications.

Regardless of the fluid being used, the specs that a quick coupling must include are the same, i.e. ease and speed of connection and disconnection, sealing ability and absence of leaks to ensure optimum levels of efficiency, operation, safety and environmental protection.

Special uses of quick couplings include the recharging of air conditioners in the automotive sector.

This is carried out using charging stations which, once connected to the vehicle, create a vacuum and eliminate any old gas in the car’s A/C system and charge it with the new gas.

Quick couplings must be able to perform these operations by connecting the car to the station, with the female couplers mounted on the two lines (outward and return) of the charging station and the male couplers directly on the car.

quick couplings

Stucchi, with its long-standing experience in the sector and partnerships with companies that manufacture equipment, provides a line of quick couplings designed specifically for automotive air-conditioning charging stations.

The ACR-ACB series includes quick couplings made of anodised aluminium with HNBR seals that guarantee a reliable seal. This eliminates the risk of accidental gas leakage and prevents both damage to the environment and economic repercussions, given that refrigerant costs are high. The seal bushing prevents leakage in the disconnected position and the design of the sleeve prevents accidental disconnection.

The careful design of these quick couplings for special applications make them light and compact and are thus easier to handle and they reduce the space required by machinery. Ease of use is also determined by the design of the knob which is easy to handle and has an ergonomic grip.

Stucchi’s new ACB-ACR range meets all market requirements, for R134A and HFO1234YF gases (VDA compliant, on request). Including all interchangeability options: SAE J639 and SAE J2888.

For over 60 years, Stucchi has been providing a continuous flow of solutions for all requirements and sectors where couplings and pressure circuits are in use – contact us right away for more information.

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