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Quick couplings: a solution for every industry

Thanks to hydraulic circuits, the high power levels required by heavy machinery are managed using components that allow the oil to transmit the energy generated by the pump, transforming it into mechanical actions.

This principle translates into a great variety of effects: hydraulic circuits are in fact responsible for the movement of crawlers and mechanical booms, drilling machines and hydraulic breakers, just to name a few.

Hydraulic circuits are therefore used in numerous industrial sectors throughout the world, in a broad range of machinery.

However, although the principle underlying this system is the same regardless of its practical application, there are specific factors for each sector that need to be taken into account when selecting the most suitable components based on the applied force, environmental conditions of use, frequency of use, need for tool replacement, …

One of the most critical aspects of all hydraulic circuits are the connection points of the lines: given they are designed to be disconnected, they must be both easy to disconnect and completely sealed to prevent oil leaks during operation, which, given the pressure levels in play, can prove extremely hazardous and reduce the efficiency of the machinery.

The quick couplings developed by Stucchi, one of the most important manufacturers worldwide since 1960, represent the ideal solution for the majority of industries where hydraulic circuits are used, offering tailor-made solutions to allow utmost efficiency in all conditions of use.Enchufes Rápidos en Acero InoxidabileQuick couplings are used in:

Earth moving: in this field it’s important to be able to easily manage the power required by excavators and other mobile machinery; in severe operating conditions, both in terms of pressure and environmental elements (debris, dust, …), Stucchi responds with highly resistant materials and designs that prevent external contamination, albeit guaranteeing the rapidity of tool replacement required by this sector;

Oil&Gas: the exploration, extraction, preservation and transport of crude oil and natural gas place hydraulic circuits in highly stressful conditions, both due to the pressure levels managed and the environmental conditions, which are often highly corrosive; thanks to the use of stainless steel, surface treatments and interchangeable plate systems, Stucchi reduces component wear and guarantees high-level efficiency;

Transport: given the weight of heavy machinery, the hydraulic systems used to connect tools and trailers are subject to severe operating conditions, to which Stucchi responds with highly efficient designs that reduce physical stress on components;

Agriculture: agricultural machines are among those requiring the most frequent tool replacement, while at the same time working in the most sensitive conditions, which easily give rise to contamination by the circuit toward the environment (compromising the land and therefore the most important economic resource) and vice versa (dirt and soil that may damage the components from within); Stucchi proposes solutions to this problem through valves specifically designed to minimise contact between the inside and outside;

Industry: hydraulic presses must exert a high level of power, which is managed thanks to products specifically designed and built by Stucchi;

Hydraulic equipment: tools such as hydraulic breakers must combine performance and portability, requirements satisfied by Stucchi through quick couplings with compact dimensions and high-level efficiency.

Aside from hydraulic circuits, quick couplings are also used for the transmission of other fluids such as those used in refrigeration, cooling and the food industry.

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