June Newsletter: Products, Exciting News, and Solutions for You!

This month has been a whirlwind of excitement here at Stucchi, and we’re thrilled to share some of the highlights with you:

Agriculture: How Stucchi Quick Couplings keep farms running smoothly.

APM Series: The “APM” male flat face coupling series is the Stucchi solution for the manual connection with residual pressure in the circuit.

Mobile Warehouse Hits The Streets: The Mobile Warehouse expands to Perth after the successful Brisbane & Melbourne launch’s!


Agriculture – How Stucchi Quick Couplings Keep Farms Running Smoothly:

Farmers rely on their equipment to be efficient and reliable. Frequent tool and attachment changes are a must, but these transitions can’t come at the expense of safety or environmental protection. Stucchi quick couplings are specifically designed to address the unique needs of the agricultural sector, ensuring farms operate at peak performance.

Fast and Tool-Free Connections

Imagine needing to switch between a planter and a fertiliser spreader in a short window. Stucchi couplings allow for quick and tool-free connections, minimising downtime and keeping productivity high. This eliminates the need to fumble for wrenches or other tools, saving valuable time in the field.

Preventing Contamination

Cleanliness is essential in any agricultural operation. Stucchi’s flat-face valves act as a barrier, keeping dirt, debris, and oil out of the hydraulic system. This protects the equipment from damage and prevents leaks that could contaminate the soil, a farmer’s most precious resource.

Working Under Pressure

Sometimes, equipment needs to be connected or disconnected even when the system is pressurised. Stucchi’s internal valve system allows for safe connections under pressure, eliminating the need for lengthy and potentially hazardous procedures to depressurise the line.

Built to Last

Agricultural equipment works hard, and Stucchi couplings are built to match. High-quality materials and innovative technology ensure these couplings can withstand even the most demanding conditions, providing farmers with long-lasting performance and reliable operation.


Stucchi’s APM Series – Making Connections Under Pressure a Breeze:

Ever struggled to connect a hydraulic line with leftover pressure in the system? The Stucchi APM series tackles this challenge head-on, offering a simple and effective solution for manual connections under pressure.

The Power of Three Valves

The secret behind the APM’s success lies in its innovative triple-valve system. This system combines two internal pressure release valves with a flat-face valve, allowing for seamless connection even when residual pressure is present. This translates to:

  • Reduced Downtime: No more wrestling with depressurising the line! The APM series lets you connect quickly and efficiently, minimising downtime and keeping your operation moving.
  • Minimal Fluid Loss: Say goodbye to messy spills and wasted resources. The APM’s design ensures connections are made without fluid loss, keeping your work environment clean and efficient.
  • Simplified Operations: The APM series makes connecting pressurised lines a breeze. The manual connection process is straightforward and requires no special tools, saving you time and effort.

Ideal Applications

The APM series is a perfect fit for any hydraulic application where connecting lines under residual pressure is a frequent occurrence. This includes:

  • Agricultural Machinery: Quickly switch between attachments on tractors, planters, and other equipment without worrying about depressurising the system.
  • Construction Equipment: Connect hydraulic lines on excavators, loaders, and other machinery efficiently, maximising productivity on the job site.
  • Industrial Machines: The APM series simplifies maintenance and connection procedures on various industrial equipment that utilises hydraulics.

By incorporating the APM series into your hydraulic system, you can experience significant improvements in efficiency, reduced downtime, and a cleaner work environment. It’s the perfect solution for applications where connecting under pressure is a regular challenge.

Mobile Warehouse Hits The Streets Of Perth:

We’re thrilled to announce that after the success of our Brisbane and Melbourne mobile warehouses, we are now expanding to Perth!

This means:

  • Instant stock replenishment: Say goodbye to waiting! Our Stucchi van will ensure you get what you need, fast.
  • Enhanced customer service: We’re dedicated to making your experience even better.
  • Fast and efficient deliveries: Get your orders on time, every time.

Get ready for a whole new level of convenience and service with the Stucchi mobile warehouse hitting the streets of Perth!

We can’t wait to bring you the Stucchi experience on the go!

See you soon, Perth!

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