How to solve the pressure connection problem

Quick couplings offer a quick, practical and safe solution for the connection and disconnection of multiple parts of hydraulic circuits – coupling is carried out without the need for tools and stays sound, preventing leakage while the fluid is handled under pressure.

Quick couplings are used in a variety of sectors that require frequent procedures to be carried out on circuits (such as attachment replacements) including earthmoving, oil & gas, HGVs, agriculture, etc…

There are situations, however, where it is not possible to carry out coupling of male and female connections because one of the two ends oppose resistance.

What could cause this?

In a closed circuit subject to a change in heat, there is an increase in the internal pressure of the fluid, even if the machinery or the attachment is not in active use.

When an attempt is made to couple male and female connections, this will be made impossible by the resistance opposing the pressure formed inside the circuit.

It is not unusual for this phenomenon to occur during a working day – in machinery or attachments exposed to solar heat hour after hour, an increase in pressure may be created that is sufficient to prevent the quick coupling from being connected.

Under these conditions, operators are forced to initiate specific procedures to eliminate the pressure in the circuit but, more often than not, these methods, besides losing precious time, are not particularly safe for the operator.

Such a situation undermines one of the great advantages of quick couplings, i.e. the ease and speed of connection and disconnection of the line which allows instantaneous changeover of tools.

However, Stucchi provides a solution that keeps productivity high by solving the problem of connecting a circuit with residual internal pressure.

Our 60 years of experience has allowed us to continually improve the quality of our quick couplings to manage hydraulic circuits in all conditions, quickly and safely.

Threaded, flat face quick couplings provide a simple but extremely effective solution to the problem of residual pressure – a patented system equipped with an internal valve makes quick male/female connection possible without the need for tools, even in these conditions of resistance.

Stucchi flat face valves provide a number of additional advantages to a design that is used as a reference for the ISO 16028 standard:

  • ease of cleaning;
  • prevention of leakage at time of disconnecting;
  • no contamination;
  • optimisation of hydraulic flow owing to the design of the internal components.

In addition, the thread provides an even more secure connection and prevents accelerated coupling wear caused by high mechanical stress (as is the case with the brinelling phenomenon).

Together, these design choices provide a product that impacts positively on the operation of the many sectors that use hydraulic circuits – connections and disconnections that can be carried out safely and quickly, even under conditions of residual pressure, improvements in productivity by speeding up operations that are carried out many times a day.

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