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How quick couplings safely manage pressure

The operation of hydraulic systems, used in a variety of sectors, such as industry, earth moving, oil & gas and agriculture, to name just a few, is based on circuits through which hydraulic fluids flow, oils in most cases, which transmit kinetic energy to the tools being operated.

Hydraulic systems allow a wide range of machinery to be operated, such as drills for oil extraction, diggers for building sites, vehicles with trailers and so on. To generate sufficient energy to drive these powerful devices, the fluid must be pressurised and heated by a pump.

This system is very efficient, but comes with potential risks for machinery operators because normally both the pressure and the temperature are so high that any leakage, even minimum, could be dangerous for anyone in the vicinity. It is important to remember that this kind of hydraulic systems can reach 700 bar (the equivalent of 700 kilos of force per square centimetre) and that even 50 bar can be considered dangerous.

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It is essential for hydraulic circuits to be able to sustain pressure and even more so where couplings are concerned. Since they connect two different lines, they represent potential weak points in the circuit.

Hence great importance is given to the design of the couplings, their testing and the identification of the best practices for their correct use.

Since 1960, Stucchi has been developing solutions which can fulfil requirements in terms of efficiency and safety of quick couplings for hydraulic systems: all our products are designed according to the most stringent standards to guarantee their performance under the conditions of use indicated.

We maintain constant contact with our customers in order to identify any problems or concerns. Our team intervenes, where necessary, to solve them and communicates all the feedback received to the engineers, thus allowing us to constantly improve our quick couplings and offer increasingly efficient and safe solutions to the market, drawing on sixty years of experience.

A large number of Stucchi quick couplings also allow the pressure to be controlled when the lines are uncoupled, thus preventing leakages which could contaminate the work area. The coupling and uncoupling mechanisms allow these operations to be carried out without using any tools, thus further reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace.

Stucchi quick couplings increase efficiency, productivity and safety whilst protecting the environment: contact us to find out about the most suitable products for your requirements.

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