Help for connecting several lines safely: Colour Coding

In sectors where hydraulic circuits are used, there is often the need to effectively manage several lines at the same time with the risk that two different lines are connected by mistake with serious risks to the integrity of the machinery and worker safety.

To solve this problem and to prevent malfunctions, Stucchi offers various solutions specifically designed for systems with multiple lines.

The problem of correct coupling between lines can be solved with a simple yet effective solution: Colour Coding.

By using special supports in different colours, you can uniquely identify the male and female ends of each line, so you can couple them quickly and safely: just a quick look is literally enough thanks to Colour Coding.

Stucchi offers various supports for Colour Coding:

  1. Coloured silicone elastic rings are placed directly on the couplings, using the same colours for the male and female end of each line. Thanks to their elasticity, they can be used on various sized couplings and can be freely attached or removed so they can be reused or to change the colour coding and therefore to identify new lines more clearly.
  2. Alternatively, you can use special coloured stickers made from hard-wearing PVC suitable for use outdoors, so they are compatible with the special environmental conditions that machinery is subject to in various sectors, such as salt or debris in earth-moving. These stickers are easy to attach and tell apart, while the colour stays bright thanks to the UV varnish, thereby reducing the risk of coupling lines by mistake.
  3. Another solution from Stucchi for telling lines apart is to attach an anodised aluminium ring onto the body of the coupling in order to visually identify the gasket mounted onto the coupling (and therefore the type of fluid used) or to characterise lines based on their function, for example for distinguishing between inflow and outflow.
  4. Stucchi offers another solution for the world of agriculture, which not only helps to tell lines apart by their colours, but also makes connecting and disconnecting easier. This is the Suregrip handle made from anodised aluminium and available in five colours: the non-slip knurled surface increases the gripping area, even with gloves.

Colour Coding simplifies coupling between lines in any situations where you cannot use multicouplings and so it must be done by hand: in any case, there is a benefit in terms of speed and safety for these jobs.

Stucchi has been developing solutions since 1960 that offer efficient coupling and decoupling of lines, from more high-tech ones, such as quick couplings with flat-faced valves, to simpler yet equally efficient ones of Colour Coding.

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