Easy CUP: the system to manage connections under pressure

One of the intrinsic phenomena in hydraulic circuits used in many industries is the formation of pressure inside closed hydraulic circuits due to the increase in temperature of the surrounding environment.

In fact, during a working day, the hydraulic circuits absorb heat, generated by the fluid inside them, from the active machinery and from the sunlight: but, except for extreme conditions, this effect is considered when the system is designed and does not therefore hinder its correct operation.

However, the additional pressure is not disposed of and remains inside the pipe even when the machinery has been switched off and this causes problems when connecting or disconnecting the lines, since this pressure creates a thrust that, in turn, creates a resistance and prevents the operation from being performed.

In cases like these, it is possible to resort to special procedures to eliminate the residual pressure, but this takes time, which must be multiplied for each connection and disconnection operation during the day; in the case of earthmoving tools, these moments of machine downtime can become very frequent.

quick couplings

To maintain machine operation and operator safety, Stucchi offers an efficient solution to connect and disconnect under pressure: Easy CUP technology.

Easy CUP technology (Connection Under Pressure) allows for connections under pressure to be made easily and safety and it is compatible with a wide range of our couplings.

Its versatility makes it possible for it to be used in very different industries and fields of application, while always meeting customer’s needs. The following are available:

Flat face couplings: the “APM” male flat face quick coupling series allows for manual coupling with residual pressure in the circuit thanks to a triple valve system to discharge pressure and increase tightness;

Flat face screw couplings: the VEP-P, VEP-HD and VP-P series use special threaded rings that allow the quick coupling to withstand strong impulses and extreme conditions of use, by neutralising premature wear and the brinelling effect; their strength and compactness is accompanied by a triple valve system which allows for connections under pressure;

Multicouplings: the DP and GR series combine the lever system, which allows for several lines to be connected and disconnected quickly and without effort, with a triple valve for connections under pressure;

Monobloc: Saturn and Saturn HF allow to connect, respectively, three and five lines and have been created in close collaboration with important earthmoving companies to make them the ideal choice for machines with multifunction accessories; a special manual valve allows for the simultaneous discharge of the residual pressure of all the lines.

These solutions feature the best resources of Stucchi technology, integrating innovative and patented solutions: contact us for more information.

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