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BOP quick couplings for safety in Oil & Gas plants

Safety is a priority in any work environment, but in some sectors, the consequences of an accident are much more serious than in others.

Take Oil & Gas, for example, where the operators work daily to extract materials which, without adequate protections, could be harmful to their health and cause fires or even explosions in the event of naked flames or sparks.

In these working conditions, the machinery must operate at maximum efficiency and resist all types of stress. In the event of malfunction, they must be fitted with safety mechanisms which prevent accidents from happening.

A crucial factor, in ensuring that these conditions are met, are quick couplings which guarantee that the hydraulic fluid circuits operate without leaks or pressure drops, thus allowing coupling and uncoupling operations to be performed quickly without the need for additional tools.

Stucchi has been operating in the quick coupling sector for sixty years, providing reliable and innovative solutions to major international companies in the Oil & Gas industry. The products of the VP-P, VEP-P, VEP-HD, VOF and VOFX line are BOP certified, i.e. Blow Out Prevention, and offer a greater degree of safety for hydrocarbon well drilling.

The Blow Out Prevention system is a fundamental safety device for the Oil & Gas industry. Its action prevents the fluids in the drilling well from rising up to the surface due to pressure and spreading toxic, flammable and explosive material in the work area.

Given the importance of BOP in guaranteeing safety on oil and gas drilling platforms, Stucchi offers Lloyd’s Register Type Approval certified quick couplings in compliance with the API 16D standard (Control Systems for Drilling Well Control Equipment and Control Systems for Diverter Equipment).

This allows Stucchi to offer the quality of its quick couplings in areas which call for high safety standards under extreme and demanding operating conditions: discover all the solutions offered by Stucchi – contact us now.

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