A new office in Western Australia to be closer to our customers

For over sixty years, Stucchi has offered solutions for quick couplings in all fields of application and all over the world, thus combining a constant drive towards innovation with a focus on the specific aspects of each target market.

It is, in fact, essential to understand the framework in which our customers operate. The local regulations in force, machinery available, operational approaches adopted and environmental conditions to tackle are all aspects that need to be fully understood in order to be able to offer only the very best.

The most efficient way of acquiring such an in-depth knowledge of all these aspects is to be in direct contact with the target market.

Which is why Stucchi’s presence is not just limited to its headquarters in Italy but extends to all the key markets through branch offices and local distributors.

The Oceania region is of particular interest, especially Australia, where the abundance of natural resources supports a vast and far-reaching mining and raw material processing industry.

As a result, Stucchi FCP, Stucchi’s subsidiary in Australia, has opened a new office in Perth, supporting the headquarters in Melbourne, which was founded in 2013 and the Brisbane set-up, opened in the second half of 2020.

Stucchi FCP provides its customers, whether they are machinery and equipment manufacturers, hydraulic material distributors, fitters, or end users, with the entire range of Stucchi quick couplings, in addition to a complementary hydraulic series, such as hose pipes, valves and fittings.

But in addition to its products, the key to Stucchi FCP’s success in the market is service. We are always on hand to listen to our customers’ needs, providing tailored solutions which improve the efficiency and safety of their operations.

The opening of the new office in Western Australia showcases our approach of always staying close to our customers with our products and services, specialising in the Oil&Gas and mining sectors, which are very important in that part of Australia.

Our quick couplings, in fact, offer high levels of performance, excellent resistance to the harshest of working conditions, maximum operating efficiency and cutting-edge technology which protect the machinery, operators and the environment.

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