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A constant flow of solutions: Stucchi tailor-made projects

For sixty years, Stucchi has offered the international market a wide range of quick couplings, capable of meeting the demands of a wide variety of very different application sectors: from Oil & Gas to Earthmoving, Transport and Agriculture, as well as Cooling systems and numerous types of industries.

The quality we offer is the result of constant research work, development and testing which combines the ingenuity of the best engineers with the technical possibilities offered by the best equipment available on the market.

This has resulted in the creation of the lines presented in our catalogues which offer concrete solutions to the requirements of the companies who turn to us, and performances vouched for by internationally recognised certifications.

However, one of Stucchi’s strengths is its ability to develop tailor-made configurations and products in partnership with customers to respond to specific requirements, resulting in new projects which combine our expertise in quick couplings and hydraulic circuits with the customer’s skill and practical field experience.

As a result, we are able to more easily identify the real problems in the sectors in which we operate and study the problem from a privileged standpoint, directly immersed in daily operations.

This approach also allows us to create products for highly specialised applications and to introduce innovations to raise the standards in that sector, by offering a greater degree of efficiency and safety in hydraulic fluid circuits, even in harsh working conditions.

Our versatility is the result of a constant process of discovery, backed by the expertise of our technicians and engineers, as well as our test laboratories. It is here that the ideas come to life in the form of prototypes, which are subjected to tests that reproduce the real-life situations in which they are used, such as type of fluid, pressure, temperature, humidity, salt content and wear.

Our goal is not simply to create a new product, but to find a solution to a problem, no matter how complex or specific.

Consequently, we develop new ideas which create value for the customer, the area of application and our own company which thus increases our know-how, which even after sixty years, continues to grow.

Hence our motto: a constant flow of solutions, i.e. we continue to seek out and find new solutions without ever stopping, constantly pushing ourselves to increase the quality of the products and services which we offer worldwide to companies in numerous sectors.

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